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Carpet Cleaning DublinSupreme Carpet Cleaning Dublin recognizes that all carpets are not the same, therefore our approach to cleaning your carpets will depend on the type and quality of carpet you have. Our techniques and cleaning process ensures your carpets gets the ‘Supreme Clean Experience’.

We guarantee the removal of many stubborn stains that once seemed impossible to remove. If you have nasty odours including pet odours, we can neutralise these using our unique deodorising system for a small additional charge. To extend the life of your carpets we can apply ‘Stain Guard’ giving you that extra protection against every day occurrences.

Our system delivers excellent results using the Prochem tried and tested water based cleaning system.

For a fresh hygienic and deep clean that is environmentally friendly, non toxic, safe to pets, kids and adults, let Supreme Carpet Cleaning bring the life back into your furnishings.

Your Satisfaction GuaranteedWhat we provide:

  • On-time appointments at your convenience
  • All work guaranteed
  • Fully insured
  • Polite friendly staff